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Okay, some of these Questions are not asked all that frequently - but - perhaps they should be... to ask a new question contact me

#51 Why bother writing your own software when there is so much free facility around ?

I am always astonished to hear this question and, unfortunately, I do hear rather often :-/

Hmm... lets see... perhaps I want to have full access and ability to shape my own data, no ?
or, perhaps I don't like to conform to some silly software rules or be pushed around by some software company's executives...
or - perhaps I want to be sure my web-based functionality will still there in 3 years time...?
or - try this - perhaps I want to continue building my own business and not someone else's...?
or - maybe I just like doing things new and challenging...?

I could give you hundred of other reasons, but then, if you are even asking this question we are probably not on the same communication channel.

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