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big companies make you small
Deep Beneath the Waves
illustrating the issue of ideology in economics - we see Heads swayed by the Waves, also influenced by the Moon, not forgetting the Clustering Effect - most stick together, the unclustered ones tend to sink slowly.
nevertheless, some just quietly hang in there, jellyfish style, while emanating some glow - clearly, those are the more scientific types.

"(Economists) consider themselves the most rigorous of social scientists. Yet whereas their peers in the natural sciences can edit genes and spot new planets, economists cannot reliably predict, let alone prevent, recessions or other economic events" - observes Ryan Avent.
The Economist Newspaper, London

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Jac was one of the first CyberArtists on the planet, he used computers to make images when they barely had power to spit out a jagged black line (known as bitmap)...
re-thinking how to show photography... here are some random images from the Blog section - mostly old but new images are being steadily added