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the young think they can get away with lying just by inventing new names for things
Make Oscar swim ! Such was the artistic challenge for this cover illustration refering Steven Spielberg's success with the annual Hollywood awards, in 1990s...
The Guardian Newspaper, London
what's your interest ?
¿get rich
Jac is such an all-around wonderful person and talented too, he used to be modest but found that dangerously counter-productive.
yesss -- this site is due for a BIG update - last updated in dec 2019 - we know what happened then :-/
good news is that my current project is going well - it is sure to keep me busy for the next few years
i will deal with this site as soon as a find time...

21th March 2021
re-thinking how to show photography... here are some random images from the Blog section - mostly old but new images are being steadily added