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Friendship has no price but it has its debts
Robotic Collusions 2017
the Internet destroyed privacy and brought us global fraud and crime, but, at least it keeps the prices down by easy browsing and comparing -- right?
well... no... actually, the opposite is true.
when a price decrease can be matched by competitors in milliseconds it becomes pointless. and, price-fixing robots easily evade the existing regulatory provisions. explains John O'Sullivan.
The Economist Newspaper, London

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yesss -- this site is due for a BIG update - last updated in dec 2019 - we know what happened then :-/
good news is that my current project is going well - it is sure to keep me busy for the next few years
i will deal with this site as soon as a find time...

21th March 2021
re-thinking how to show photography... here are some random images from the Blog section - mostly old but new images are being steadily added