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i was using photographic cameras as far back as I can remember. in my youth, in communist Poland they were Russian-made junk but one day my father brought me an Exacta from work, which i took for a school trip - the sharpness and clarity of the images was shocking.

the rise of digital photography changed everything.
for many years, my photographic activity was financed by sales of usage rights via Getty Images - unfortunately, that revenue has nose-dived, for one reason or another, along with the general decline in proceeds from any creative profession.

i continue, of course, as i regard catching images as an essential (and wonderful) part of life. for managing photographs of people i have written a simple app, which i am continually improving, it is currently on, but i am preparing a beautiful new home for it.

i am re-thinking how to show the photo images, for now, the Image Blog format seems the most appropriate - that simply shows anything that i find interesting or worth showing, and, since that is a database, it can be easily expanded or modified. My beautiful pareja will certainly get her own album, for now you can find her images by searching for Ali, or on the general Sessions page.

if you want to buy those images some of your options are outlined here
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