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hello Visitor,
you are looking at my personal web site, set up in the year 2000 -- to gain overview, organize ideas, share, collaborate with people i like and - hello world! - communicate across the planet :-)

i write and re-write the programming code and add new things, when i have time - major code updates: Dec 16, Dec 15, Jun 13, May 10, Apr 09, Apr 08, Jun 07. during updates there might be temporary problems. at other times there might be problems as well, but, that's ok - that is the nature of the Internet. this site contains much information, organising it is a formidable task. if you let me know of any site problems, or have suggestions, that's always appreciated.

browse the Images by category or you can Search them for keyword, location, client or a person's name. you can also search Text.

the current update - started August 2018 - is still underway, on this occasion i am (finally) getting to grips with the CSS, never thought i would enjoy it but i am beginning to! only the Images section has been (mostly) re-written so far... so, great things to come -- a valuable new skill has been acquired -- thanks, Ahmad, for showing the way...

the Photography section has been neglected somewhat -- it will be back soon in a new, better form.

also, my new project of Deep Cheque has now been launched - go and get rich ;-)

i hope you enjoy the site, the content is managed via - power to creative people!

Legal Notice: All text, images, design and the programming code on this site are copyright of Jac Depczyk, unless mentioned otherwise. I used to do CC until i have noticed that people just regard it as permission to grab, without even mentioning where they found it :-/ however, do feel free to share on "social" media for private enjoyment and information...
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