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the Images are made with my brain and i generally use some other tool, a computer - for editing convenience, a camera - for speed, not forgetting coloured pencils, which i always keep at the ready.

most of my images are digital, i was possibly the first (cyber)artist to make digital illustrations for the press, in London in the early 80s - initially they were hybrid - collages made with bitmap printouts from an Amiga computer, then painted over with acrylics.

an image made with computer is an assembly, a stack of possibilities that can be re-called at any time - an existing image can become a starting point for a new one, merged with others, modified rapidly, split into versions. since i draw well am also good at digital manipulation of photographs - see a selection of those images.

my photographic activity is mainly for fun, financed by selling usage rights via global agency Getty Images, here is a small selection of those images.
i love taking pictures wherever i go, when i photograph events i call them Snaps - they are accessible via Photographed - the simple online application i made and continue developing. if you are in them i will give you a web-resolution copy for your unrestricted use.

you can buy images as one-off or limited edition prints.
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