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thinking still has a future for a while, at least for some (i think) and it's free, ideally in more than one sense. usefully, it can also be done while doing other things.
some people say to me "you think too much" and to them i say "whatever works for you".
i think mainly for my own use, employing a system of concepts and ideas that i see as consistent and continuous, although, of course, i am ready to modify it at any moment, if i see a good reason to do it.

since arrival of personal computers in the 1980, we need to re-think thinking. few of us bother but that is to their detriment. we need to adjust to the new entities in our world - the "intelligent" machines, which are getting smarter and smarter. will they inherit the planet? personally, i think so - they are rid of so many human limitations and evolve much faster than ourselves.
in any case, our thinking now should be computer-compatible - there are 2 ways of doing it - passive and active (ie. taking instructions and issuing instructions, or, to put it differently - program or be programmed).
learning computer programming in 2003 was a great adventure, which continues - it changed my way of thinking forever. one of the nice things about Logic is that it never fails - if you set it up right.

btw, now again i am re-thinking this site, this page is still just a placeholder - please check it again soon, if interested.
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