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Whack it! Fuck it! - Trash this world!

Nothing was going right - as usual.
Should I look for a cord - to hang myself? I was hoping for better advice.
Went to visit my Guru - and he said to me:
What? the whole world is against you? fuck it, fuck this world!

Then, the World came back in my dreams.
It was trembling, begging me for mercy.
We were in a boxing ring, surrounded by ropes.
I, with boxing gloves as big as pumpkins, as heavy as millstones.
Wham! Bam!
The blow went straight to his head. He fell to the ground.
And I saw him weak and a coward, if still charming in his diversity.
Swaying, he tried to stand up, I whacked him again - Bam!!

They saw me as Hero. They wanted to build me a shrine.
I sent them to hell.
Only Devil alone has no doubts - none at all.
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