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that's right -- i can (still) be hired -- if i sympathise with your endeavour...

Commissioned Illustration
media illustration has been my main profession for decades, i contributed to newspapers and magazines in London, Paris, New York and elsewhere, including regular work for The Economist, but also worked for The Guardian, The Times, Liberation, New Statesman, The Spectator, New Scientist - find some of those images by searching for "Commissioning Client". I also made images for well known clients in publishing, design and advertising.

using cameras today is an ultra-productive (not to say over-productive) activity - it can be done just about anywhere, any time, using a remote flash system, or in comfort of my London studio, hundreds of images are produced during each Session.
i drive a van and can get to pretty much any place in Europe in a day or two, if i have nothing better to do.

Archive Images
hundreds of my drawings and tens of thousands of my photographs can be employed in various projects, as well as acquired as prints.

i do not put up exhibitions any more, i don't feel it's my job. If it is yours then i am open to ideas.
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