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#68 OK - I will work with you making pictures but you must pay me !

If you are a busy modelling professional then you need to name your price. Otherwise, read on...

You are probably acting on assumption that "I am worth it" or "he can pay", both of which might be true...
Or, perhaps you take the hard line that it is work and so, it must be paid for.
Or, you need money so badly...?

Even though those are are quite different reasons, I take a sympathetic view of them all, especially the last one.
But - I am in business of making not selling pictures - our practical approach must be to join efforts in creating great images, which will work for us both in the future. Once the images exist we can look into the ways of generating revenue.
Time for images is a fair exchange, especially if the images you have chosen need additional post-production work, which is often the case. You get an on-line access to all images, plus, an editing and blogging functionality, so that you can instantly publish the Unprocessed images. If you are able to sell the images yourself i give you an unbelieveably good share of the profit.

Note that is my standard practice to pay the model if and when an image returns profit, whether asked for it or not - more details on request.

Having said all that, if you are still inclined to ask for an up-front payment do so and you will soon know the answer.

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