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#48 Is it true that you divide people into four categories?

yes, it is, Visitor, thanks for asking.
it is necessary, you see, for practical purposes.
those Categories are based on communication practices and are as follows:

A (Addicts) - people who feel compelled to communicate ceaselessly, via "social" media, phone etc

B (Business) - normal business practice is to respond to communications (like email) within 24-48 hours

C (Casual) - not reliable, but will generally get a response or some kind in a week or two, maybe three

D (Disfunctional) - you never know when you hear back from those people (if ever)

i place myself in the B Category and make a deliberate effort to avoid people in the D Category, those people can be a cause of very significant time loss, plus, generally, they will get themselves and those around them into trouble, sooner or later. alternatively, they will spend their life living under a stone - i accept that as their personal choice.

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