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#44 Some people are complaining that your written Polish is incomprehensible...

Bah... they are exaggerating.
Language is an artificial system, forever changing. It can be bent, according to current needs. Besides, the languages merge, more and more.

You see, the problem is that I do not have those special accent keys on my laptop (same problem with the French).
It is actually not too difficult to decipher my written Polish through phonetic similarity with a touch of poetic association.
Here is a quick guide for those who are still having problems: 'ć' becomes 'cz', 'ł' becomes 'u', 'ó' becomes 'oo', 'ś' becomes 'sz', 'ż' becomes 'rz', 'ch' becomes 'k' ( there are some other characters, which are just so weird that I have not found a suitable replacement so far ).

Who knows, my personal blend of orthography might be widely adopted in Poland, perhaps even farther afield in Europe for its sheer speed, compatibility and convenience, in fact, i see signs that this is happening already ;-)

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