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#25 Why are you not using the latest version of this or that ?

Commercial software takes time to reach a maturity.
With Photoshop, for example, the essential features (layers) did not appear until the version 3.
Then, the software enters the phase of Stagnation, Inflation and Decline.
Typically, the programs will bloat - they pile up features, following insane principle of trying to offer something to everybody.

Keeping up with all that is a massive waste of time and energy, on an individual and on the global scale, although, of course, there are professions where that is very much needed.
I use computers mainly to make images and it would be is quite ridiculous to try to master a tool which changes every few months, effectively that squeezes out most of the individual expression.

It is for those reasons that I upgrade less and less frequently, one major program I have even abandoned altogether (with very good results).
The simple tools are best.

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