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For the past 20 years, my old friend Jan Tomkowski - Polish writer and academic, has stubbornly refused to set up his own web site. i say to him - Janek, there has never been a better time for a writer - you can inject your prose directly into a reader's brain - instantly, right across the Planet! - how can you not be excited by this?
it has to be paper - he answers unequivocally, unecologically and unwisely.
but, anyway, for a wider enjoyment, (with his permission, of course) i am posting examples of his fine writing here:

Whack it! - written in English! (with a little help from myself)

3 stories - beautifully crafted miniatures that will take you elsewhere

Jesień (fragment) - his latest novel about our crazy times, which are about to expire (in the book, that is)

Flamandzka spiżarnia - an old essay about our trip to Belgium
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