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#93 Can I use your Image(s) ?

Thanks for asking.
My images are - copyright - remember that ? ...well, it still exists.
Images take time to produce and manage and, quite apart from that, images have a potential value. If you appreciate this then read on...

My images you see on the Internet are in web-resolution. Photographic images are re-sized and tagged automatically, they are unprocessed, ie. they can be substantially enhanced in post-production. I release unprocessed, web-resolution images so that they can be enjoyed by many - that's what photography is for.

Personal/Social use:
* You CAN blog, re-blog, share on social networks the images you find on my site - with acknowledgement / link as long as you:
* Do NOT remove image info (, "unprocessed", metadata etc ) - it is there so that nobody can say they did not know where the image came from.
* Do NOT alter the images or incorporate them in other images.

Commercial use:
* Don't rob - communicate - that's a better way to live. If you want to use my images to promote your site or something else talk to me and we will come to an agreement. This will not necessarily cost a lot.

Note the 2 EXCEPTIONS as below:
1. My images on Getty Images
Those images are clearly marked on my site (with a "g" logo), they finance my photography, do NOT use those images or you might end up dealing with lawyers ! You can't get those images unless you buy usage rights from Getty Images.
2. My images of you (which are NOT on Getty Images)
If you are in the image I let you use it - in any way you like - for your personal enjoyment and your self-promotion. When we do a photo session you get a web-resolution copy of each image. If you can sell the images talk to me and we will share the profits. Images of you on my site are valuable for your self-promotion, each one has an individual address you can link to, can be found by Search and you can add your own data to it !

To locate and optimise individual hi-resolution images takes time. When a high resolution image is released on Internet it becomes worthless, as anyone can copy it.
For those reasons nobody gets hi-resolution images unless there is some kind of exchange involved. If we do a session this is usually decided at session time, for example, we might decide you get a certain number of hi-resolution images, after I decided which images will be marketed via Getty Images.

All images are available as prints.
I have set up a site, specifically to deal with image usage - refer to that site for future developments.

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