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#67 How can I get the pictures you took of me or my event ?

when i take pictures at an event i give them to people participating - in web resolution, ready for sharing - unmodified - on social media.

i have written a little application for accessing the pictures and put it on my company site:
if you go there soon after the event you will find your images among the last 10 folders added. the access can be Public or Limited, in which case you will need to know the Folder ID (FID). folders set to Private are only accessible to the NetCells Users.
there are 3 modes of viewing the images - casual (1) View and download what you want, Publish/Edit (2) and NCUser (3). in the last 2 modes you create a database record for the image, which can be used in all kinds of ways in the future.

you can also find your images by searching for keywords IF those keywords have been added. giving web-resolution images for free is the best i can do, if you want higher resolution files, some kind of exchange or transaction is recommended, unless you are a close friend.

i am having much fun with my photo app, it is serving its purpose well and getting more interesting as photos and functions are added. personal data are not and never will be shared with any other entity or used for commercial purposes. if you want a Folder ID (FID), have a suggestion, comment or wish feel free to contact me

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