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#43 Can I buy your image(s) ?

i think so...
most of my images exist as digital files, and so, copies are easily made.
they can be produced as prints, in a bewildering array of media (inkjet, digital C-print) and finishes (gloss, matt, metallic, transparent) and sizes to 0.7m x 2m and more, delivery time is about a week when i am in London, longer if i am elsewhere.
they are normally signed and a short phrase can also be added.
If you want one go to my Cell on Netcells and make a payment or contact me to discuss details.

by the way, i did study Fine Art Printmaking and spent many years producing editions, which are still in my possession - those are etchings, linocuts and large multi-colour screen prints...
i am now working on a quite different idea, based on bringing today's technology to centuries of European printmaking tradition (and economic speculation). this concept is known to just a few at the moment and will be launched soon, but - do contact me if you can't wait.

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