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#109 What kind of photography you do ?

I do various kinds of photography, but since it's you who is asking i presume what you really mean is: What kind of photography you do that i might or might not want to get involved with ?

For the practical purpose of answering your question i can tell you that i do people photography and i finance that activity by placing some of the resulting images with the international agency Getty Images.

Getty Images is an undisputed leader in the field of supplying images to the world media and business - for design and illustrative purposes (publishing), advertising and also news (which i do not do).

For your information: this is not a hugely profitable business for the photographer or the person photographed - the reason it works is that i have 100s of images in the system - it is unlikely that your images are going to generate large revenue anytime soon, unless they are really exceptional or we produce a significant number of good, topical images.

Nevertheless - we get a possiblity of working on many ideas - yours and mine - in an unhurried, experimental manner - something very rare in usual business environment.
Your images will be distributed worldwide, shown among the best and, if sold, might end up being very visible.

When i photograph for Getty Images i search for images which are clear, interesting and true to the person and idea they represent.
The two approaches are:
1. just being yourself, and trying get better and better at it.
2. role playing - starring in your own movie, portraying an idea you much care about
If you choose the first option remember you also represent your (sub)culture, your country, your generation.
In the second option you can be anyone or anything you like, as long as you can pull it off ;-)

This is as much as i can tell you on this public communication channel - to know more you have to contact me directly - be brave !

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