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thinking takes TIME. that has implications
about progress via risk taking.
The Economist, London.

what's your interest ?
¿get rich
Jac was one of the first CyberArtists on the planet, he used computers to make images when they barely had power to spit out a jagged black line (known as bitmap)...

Monsieur rencontré aujourd'hui (03.08.22) à Leroy Merlin Ivry -- j'espère que nous allons continuer notre amiable conversation... ->Contactez-moi :-)

yesss -- this site is due for a BIG update - last updated in dec 2019 - we know what happened then :-/
good news is that my current project is going well - it is sure to keep me busy for the next few years
i will deal with this site as soon as a find time...

21th March 2021
re-thinking how to show photography... here are some random images from the Blog section - mostly old but new images are being steadily added