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Ars Electronica 2005 Casey Reas at Linz. (0)
Brucknerhaus, Linz, Austria. 2005-09-05

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  • lee [ reply ]   2010-12-22 13:07:36  
    I remember you at sky news. I also remember your escort cabaret! I remember most you producing a short segment for sky which used much of my footage. Yet some how princess Di was taken that very day.. never got to see my contribution to TV that day. I also remember you saying I was lucky producing things that I wanted too.. Not what Tv had you doing... I wonder after 14 years If you ever thought about doing that yourself now! regards Lee from a distant cropcircle pub many years ago who enjoyed trying to push as much white wine as you could drink down you guzzle. ;)
    • Ali [ reply ]   2010-12-23 10:33:22  
      Oh no! Not the escort! And surely not as much white wine as I could guzzle?! Good to hear from you, hope all is well, happy holidays, Ali.x
  • Katarina [ reply ]   2010-12-29 14:35:31  
    Hi Ali, I used to know you long time ago and helped u look after Laurel and Daniel. Altough the parting was not the happiest very happy to see that you are doing well and most importantly how beautiful & grown up Laurel and Daniel are. You must be very proud. Best wishes to you and Happy New Year!
  • alex [ reply ]   2011-07-12 13:07:59  
    Hey Alison, Awesome, cant wait to read... *hugz* Alex Not sent from my iphone!
    • Ali [ reply ]   2011-07-13 08:40:39  
      Aw! Thanks.
  • Crispian Smith [ reply ]   2011-07-18 09:45:18  
    Really looking forward to reading the rest of your work. Always enjoyed your news reports on sky news. You were a great sport taking those custard pies in your face! did you know that was going to happen? not sure I could see Charlotte Hawkins reaction to having that happen!!! best of luck with the rest of your project.
  • Ali [ reply ]   2011-07-19 03:21:16  
    Cheers Crispian, yeah, I made a big scene with my editor when when he gave me the job,"You just want me to get pie faced, you're not taking me seriously as a female reporter.." and the newsroom went quiet! Then when I got there I gave the clowns free reign to do what ever they wanted, so I knew they were up something, but I didn't know what! Obviously it was live and apparantly the newsroom cheered! And the clowns sent me a big bunch of flowers the next day.
  • David [ reply ]   2012-01-27 12:34:45  
    Hi We met in auberge st christ on Monday evening. You looked very interesting and gave you site name. Haven't had time to read yet but have booked marked. Looks very interesting!! Best wishes David
    • Ali [ reply ]   2012-01-29 04:42:37
      Hi David, good to hear from you! That's so cool! Glad you like the look of my site, it's still a work in progress and more for friends just now but all feedback is welcome! Give me the link to your site too. Have a lovely day, Ali.
  • Giles [ reply ]   2012-03-21 23:38:50
    Hi Ali, how have you been? Waiting on checking out your book on ego. Is it out yet?
    • Ali Lochhead [ reply ]   2012-03-25 07:39:56
      Hi Giles, I'm well thanks. How are you? I'm writing it up as we speak..... :-)
  • Gregor Garber [ reply ]   2012-12-24 15:21:59  
    Ali, this looks great. I am looking forward to your book.
    • Ali Lochhead [ reply ]   2012-12-29 02:21:57
      Aw thanks! And thanks for taking the time to look. A
  • Susan Fiorenza [ reply ]   2013-02-09 10:04:16  
    Started following you on Pinterest today - I'm a freelance proofreader wondering if you have a need for one or know anyone that might. I appreciate any insight you have! Thank you!
    • Ali Lochhead [ reply ]   2013-02-26 05:31:30
      Hi Susan, yes a proofreader would be excellent and yes I can pass on your details to friends, do you have a website or where do I find details of your background/rates? Good to meet you, Kindest regards, Ali